About Flyingsoft

Um, someone fill me in here. :)


About Agamemnus

"How dare you make your name as big as Flyingsoft name! HOW DARE YOU!! *STAB STAB*"

Some tidbits:

  • Goal: World Domination.
  • Um, I feel like I'm a mouse in a cage when I'm in a windowless room for a long time.
  • I thought that a friend's pillow-that-looks-like a dog was a dog and asked "Is that your dog?" (online)
  • I was born in Moscow, Russia (then Petrovo, Moscow, Russia, USSR) on August 2nd, 1984.
  • I like the color GREEN the most.
  • I know French, Latin (can speak it but little... SALVE AMICI!), English, Russian.

Hmmm.. ok now let's return to paragraph mode. Some Geeky stuff first..hmm..

Well for starters, I started programming when I was about 9. That was almost 10 years ago. I played Gorillas and Nibbles WAY too much... back then there weren't that many games. Especially when windows computer came crashing down. Good ol' SHELL found me Gorilla.

Well after I tried looking at what the hell all these BAS programs were, I tried to make my own. I copied the examples and changed them. Eventually I made my own program.. it gave you info about continents PLUS it was in COLOR!

Um well then I started doing other things... a failed TANK game that shot lasters and moved... and flickered.. DICE...

By this time I had tired of the damn DRAW statement and started making my own program to draw things easier, QDRAWER. I downloaded some AOL games and edited them... made them better...

Ok sorry this whole mess would take me ages to write. I think I'll just stop here. All you need to know is that I'm friendly, phun, I know a lot about programming, (I'm probably the best pr0gger in the world, actually) and that....